Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Beginner Gardening

This Spring I finally started a daunting project. Turning my patio into a green and magical garden oasis. The peaceful smells and calming colors have been well worth the effort.

Here is my garden project journey, 
with a little step-by-step thrown into the potting mix....


Step 1 - I managed to create a basic idea of flowers and/or veggies I would want to grow.

Step 2 - I researched those flowers more than I needed to. Lol.

Step 3- I went to my local garden nursery and I bought an potted hanging ivy for the kitchen, a marigold, a daisy, sweet potato vine (not the food), a tomato plant, and some bell pepper seeds. I already had my pots (ceramic or plastic  are great). I bought some potting mix, a cute watering container, and some green gloves for my newly turned green thumbs. 

Step 4 - Now the best part. I filled my pots 3/4 with the potting mix, dug a hole in the middle, and added my plant or seeds. To put the stores potted plants into my new pots, I flipped them over and shook them out carefully to make sure I didn't break the roots. To grow from seeds, I threw four into each small pot. Voila. 
Tip: Do not pack the soil. Spread evenly.

Step 5- I love watering my plants in the morning, and watching the way the sun shifts onto them through the day and into the dark night. Mother Nature at her finest. 

This was such a fun project and I love seeing the finished but still growing results in my green and magical garden oasis. I will post un update hopefully once my veggies begin to grow. I also love grilling dinner at nighttime on my patio and i'll share some pictures of all that soon as well. 

In the meantime, what are your fav tips for beginner gardeners? Do you have a green and magical garden oasis? Let me know!